Endometrial Ablation

Treats uterine lining (endometrium) and preserves the uterus

Outpatient treatment, no incision required ·

Non-hormonal, one-time treatment

Uterine Balloon Therapy System13

Uses heated fluid within a silicone balloon to treat the endometrium

Can be done while patient is awake, using local anesthesia, and even in an office environment

How It Works
Uses heated fluid in balloon to treat uterine lining

Minimally invasive, inserted through vagina and cervix Procedure is quick, uterine lining is treated for 8 minutes WorksUterine lining
will slough off like
a period in 7-10 daysMinimally

What Can I Expect From This Treatment

Long term proven track record: 95% of patients report normal bleeding levels or less, 93% patient satisfaction at 5 years

37% experience no periods at 12 months
Significantly reduces symptoms of PMS and menstrual pain and cramping
In most cases, can return to normal activities the next day