Does This Sound Familiar?

“I can’t keep up, I’m running to the bathroom every hour to change my pad/tampon.”

“My period exhausts me; I don’t seem to have the same energy anymore.” ·

“Sometimes the cramping is so bad, I can honestly stay in bed all day.” ·

“White pants….never!”

You could have menorrhagia, the medicalterm for excessive menstrual bleeding.

First Ask Yourself

Have I:
  Had heavy bleeding with clotting?Even while using birth control             pills?
Been exceptionally tired or weak during my period?

To avoid embarrassment do I:
Stay at home during my period because it is easier?
Carry large quantities of sanitary products or a change of clothes? ·

Have I missed work or social events because of heavy periods?

Overview Of Reproductive Anatomy

What Is Menorrhagia?

Unmanageable or heavy bleeding month after month

Bleeding for more than 7 days ·

Using more than 10 pads or tampons per day during a period

Feeling tired, worrying about embarrassing accidents and being frustrated that periods rule your life