What Can I Do To Solve This?

See a doctor who understands
this condition and can evaluate    you:
Patient History / Pad Diary
Pelvic Exam
Pelvic Exam
Endometrial Biopsy

Treatment options:
Operative Hysteroscopy
Endometrial Ablation


Birth control pills can be effective in controlling heavy bleeding

Not always well tolerated
Not always effective
May have to be taken until menopause
Venour Thomboembolic Disease (Blood clots)

Hysterectomy Is An Option

Historically, a common treatment option for heavy bleeding
Fourty-four percent of all hysterectomies performed in 2005 were for a primary diagnosis of heavy periods or fibroids

The most invasive and definitive treatment, however major surgery should be seen as a last resort

Now there are lessinvasive treatmentsthat may involve lesspain and a quickerrecovery time